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GenY - A Chat Client for Yahoo!

GenY is an open source chat client for Yahoo! built on top of libyahoo2.
Qt Ambassador

Important: I recommend downloading current developmental version of GenY. Read this forum post : About GenY-0.1.4

Download GenY-0.1.3 with minor enhancements A Small Note - 7 Feb. 2012

Download GenY-0.1.2 with SMS Support - 25 Nov. 2009 [ Not Recommended - Captcha support broken due to introduction of Catpcha5 ]

Download GenY-0.1.1 - 16 Sep. 2009

GenY-0.1 is outdated now!

See this forum post for build instructions: Compiling GenY

GenY is a substitute for Yahoo! Messenger for UNIX. It primarily targets GNU/Linux platform and it's tested on Ubuntu.

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Contact Me

Siteshwar Vashisht < situ117 AT yahoo.com >

Sometimes I hang out at irc on channel #geny at freenode.net

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